A Location is Crucial For Condotel Investment

Condotel investment is one of the most promising types of investment. Therefore, there are many investors and property hunters who buy condominium units in strategic locations, like the Parc Komo showflat.

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However, in order for condotel investment to provide optimal returns, you must find the perfect location for your condotel investment.

In general, the value of land every year will continue to increase, but there is no doubt there are also areas where land prices have decreased significantly over time.

The point is when you want to invest in property you must pay close attention to the area where the condotel is to be built. These are the factors that will determine the success of your investment for your future. Do a survey before buying a condotel to find out the city spatial plan in the area. This information can help you predict a reasonable price range and the amount of profit that you can potentially get.

For example, when you want to buy a shop, of course, the ideal location of a shop is in an office area or housing complex as your target market if you want to open a shop. Then when you invest in a condotel, the best location is in a popular tourist area, such as Bali Island. Condotel tenants are generally local or foreign tourists who stay there for a few days during their vacation.

As we know, as an example in another country, the island of Bali, which is blessed with extraordinary natural beauty and the unique culture of its local inhabitants, has attracted worldwide attention decades ago. People often even say that Bali is more popular than in the country where it’s located.

In places, near tourist destinations, you will harvest in the holiday season or peak season because at times like this rental rates for hotels, homestays and condotels can double.

That’s it for the info that we can share with you, and we hope it helps you to know more about the condominium, condotel, and its investment.