Painting Outside Your House

Home exterior decoration.

Having exterior decoration for home is everyone dreams. Now, you can have it by yourself. If you already have the idea then find the colour of the walls, gutters, downpipes, doors and frames. Now, before you start work, cover all the floors under the job with a tarpaulin so that paint and debris are kept from the floor. A good tip when the painting is to use some disposable latex gloves to protect your skin one man and a brush. Or if you not really good at it, our company can help you because we provide exterior painting woodstock that has experience for years.


The first thing that needs to do is brush under the area to be painted, then rub under the flat surface and ready for the first layer of the bottom layer. When the first layer is dry then paint the coat with gloss finish using the colours.

Exterior wall

Now prepare the rendering for the outer wall, if there are cracks on the surface they will have to chase it out and then fill it, when the filler is dry, rub the repair to flat and ready for painting. Use stone paint is rainproof in 30 minutes which worth knowing in a rain risk day. Now begin the first layer, and cut carefully for windows and other paintwork using a 2-inch brush and covering the whole with a roller. Wait for it to dry and apply a second coat. It is wise to read the painting’s instructions and also have a moist cloth that is useful for removing splashes or dripping away.

Downpipes, garage doors and door frames

Rub under all surfaces so that they are flat and ready for painting, then undercoat and gloss for the colours. Now check the work and touch the paint job if needed. Put the lid on the paint pot, clean the brush if you can. If you can’t clean the brushes on the site then wrap them in plastic until you get home. This is a nice touch to clean the windows before you leave; Remove all stairs and equipment and floor coverings, make sure the floor has been swept and all trash is bagged and carried away.

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