Plans And Inspections Are Necessary When You Build Home Foundations

In planning the foundation construction, the engineering planning team will read the results of the soil test and will specify the required foundation class. Meanwhile, if your foundation and crawlspace need to be maintained, we recommend you to call the best company of the foundation and Crawl Space Encapsulation plus maintenance.

The engineering team will issue a report which forms the basis of the implementation consisting of:

Size and placement of foundation points for buildings.

The strength of concrete is calculated by engineers where the composition of cement, sand, and gravel will be calculated based on the mix design, and also the size and amount of iron used.

The engineer must also plan a drainage system that is around the foundation or also the form of the foundation for the topography of the land with a certain shape.

Size and slope placement point required.

For certain soil conditions, the engineer will determine whether or not piles/drill piles are needed under the foundation to support the building.

Provide technical recommendations for implementation for certain conditions.

Before the foundation work begins, the implementer must look directly at the field conditions where the work will be carried out to ascertain what is stated in the plans made by the engineer. existing around the site will complicate the implementation and also affect the strength of the concrete. If this is found in the field, the implementer must report to the planning engineer team to make the best decision.

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