Learning Foreign Languages ​​Can Improve Intelligence

Learning a new language makes your brain more intelligent. How to? Maybe for some people think if everyone’s intelligence is different and it doesn’t matter if they are not proficient in other things. For example, there are people who are able to operate computers well, so it doesn’t matter if they are not good at repairing motorbikes. There are people who are able to operate mathematics very well and it doesn’t matter if they are not able to master several foreign languages. This is a wrong assumption and must be destroyed. If we look at the capabilities of the english listening test, then we will realize, if that is the basic ability for travelers.

So, we cannot assume other abilities are not important when we have one main ability. A study was conducted and concluded that people who speak many languages ​​(polyglots) have more gray matter in the brain than those who only master one.

What is gray matter in the brain? So, the brain has several parts. We will discuss the outer layer of the brain or the cerebral cortex, also called gray matter. This layer plays an important role in memory, perception awareness, attention, thoughts, language, human conscious nature. The development of this part of the brain means that you become better at remembering, more focused, quick to understand. This is the reason why someone who masters more than one language – whether bilingual, multilingual, or polyglot – is said to have an increasingly developed brain.

In fact, learning a new language can slow dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other cognitive-related brain diseases. In other words, your brain will be healthier, stay young even as you grow older. This is another advantage that many people may not realize. If you are afraid of old age you will forget a lot of important things or the people you care about. It is better if you prepare yourself to learn English now because it can help you in your old age.

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