These Are Steps To Apply The Waterproofing Paint For Your Bathroom

Painting a bathroom is not as easy as painting another wall. A room that is so humid can slow down the process of painting, where the right solution is to use waterproofing paint so that the color of your bathroom paint is more durable and does not fade quickly. Aside from that one man and a brush, if you can’t do it yourself, we recommend you to call the excellent painters woodstock ga.

We have summarized a way to enhance the beauty and comfort of a bathroom with waterproofing paint, and you may follow these steps:

Clean the Bathroom

Before applying the paint, you need to clean the bathroom first. Scrape off the peeling paint. Sand the uneven parts of the wall, then check for cracks in the wall. If there are cracks contained in the wall, you can use cement or a waterproof solution. Then, use an antifungal solution to sterilize the wall. Do it the day before painting the day. This is so that the walls can be drier when painting later.

Furthermore, also clean the items in the room. Then store them in a safe box so that they can be reinstalled later. By cleaning the bathroom, you have helped facilitate the process of painting the bathroom wall paint.

Close the Floor

After finishing cleaning the bathroom, start covering the floor with a used newspaper. This you can do to prevent the floor from being splashed with paint. Furthermore, cover other equipment such as bathtubs, toilets, or some pieces of permanent bathroom equipment.

Apply the paint

Choose the type of waterproofing wall paint for the bathroom. This type of paint is more durable and anti-seepage, so it is suitable for use in the bathroom. Then, apply waterproofing paint to the entire wall. You can use a brush, roll or spray. Choose a tool that if it facilitates the process of painting.

Starting from the highest place, bordering the ceiling. To be safer, at the end of the meeting between the wall and ceiling, you can coat it with a special adhesive so that the paint does not stick to the ceiling and is easily removed when finished. Repeat two to three times to paint for good results. Make sure the paint has covered all parts of the wall. Then, wait for it to dry.

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