Your Car Modification Might Abort Your Car Warranty

Some changes in your car might abort your car warranty. If you want to replace several components, such as tires, engines, and audio, you should be obliged to understand the effects of replacing these components. By replacing tires, wheels or legs that are not in accordance with the standards in the car, you have lost the top auto warranty. These three things concern the security and safety of vehicles and their passengers. Automatically, if you make a replacement without the dealers’ knowledge, the warranty will disappear.

Audio too. Poor installation or installation of audio also triggers the loss of vehicle warranty on new cars. The incorrect audio installation has the potential to short circuit or even the worst thing is a burning cable that can burn the car. This incident is often experienced by new car owners who want to replace the built-in speakers or audio in the car.

That’s it for the info that we can share with you regarding the car warranty, and we hope you can be careful when you modify your car so you won’t lose it.

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