Your Watch’s Strap Materials Determine Its Price And Quality

Watchmaking materials will determine the price set for a watch. The importance of paying attention to basic ingredients will determine the amount of money spent. Well, the better the ingredients, the more expensive the price. In addition, the selection of this material will also affect comfort when wearing it. Sometimes also, there are those who choose a watch based on a strap. That’s why there are many people who prefer movado watches for men with high-quality strap materials.

Here are the watch’s strap materials that you should know:

The watch strap with nylon material

Watches made of nylon ties are guaranteed to be very strong. The installation is also practical and can be used in the wild. Most of the users are military.

The watch strap with rubber material

Watches with rubber straps are always used for outdoor activities, so it is not suitable for use in formal events. This watch is suitable for travelers or field workers.

The watch strap with leather

The advantages are simple and elegant. Due to it is easy to change the straps and it is recommended to adjust the color of the strap with a dress style. To hang out or work in the office is also very suitable.

The watch strap with metal

This watch is perfect for attending formal events. With this watch strap, it will look more macho. Actually, it can be used anywhere except exercise, because if you sweat it will feel slippery.

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